10yr old TB mare for sale!

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10yr old TB mare for sale!

FOR SALE: Queenofthefairies aka Aurelia is a 10 year old TB mare. She was bred for sport and never raced. I have competed her beginner novice and novice. She also has experience in many other things as well like hunters, jumpers, fox hunting, and dressage. She has top placing at beginner novice and dressage scores in the low 30’s. She is very honest and super forgiving of rider mistakes. Aurelia would be suitable for a young rider looking to learn the ropes of lower level eventing or an amateur looking to stay at the lower levels of eventing. Sound and easy keeper. Low five figures

Contact Information
[email protected]
Safe, quiet, and honest
Loudoun County, Virginia

  • April 22, 2019 7:13 pm