16.2 Imported SWB x TB Gelding w/Amazing Brain, Movement & breeding!

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16.2 Imported SWB x TB Gelding w/Amazing Brain, Movement & breeding!


“Tommie” is a DOLL. He has successfully moved up to Training Level. Amazing Brain, Super Mover & Impeccably bred!

Dressage: youtu.be/AoQsDZRsH_0
Stadium: youtu.be/O-MsOazeao4
Xc: youtu.be/ChUOSi-eN5Y

SWEET & FANCY 16.2 5 year old Imported Swedish Warmblood Gelding by Jack of Diamonds!♦️

✔️Tommie is an absolutely stunning imported 16.2 5 year year old gelding that we have recently imported! He is very special both in his talent and brain! Could be top prospect for professional but straightforward and easy enough for an amateur!

✔️He has done a bit of everything including successfully competing in all the young horse series in Ireland! Very exciting YR/AA candidate as he will win dressage, super scopey in stadium and brave xc!

✔️Extremely well priced for a young horse of this caliber. Price will go up with more show miles!

✔️Very clean full vetting with X-rays! PM for more info!

✔️6 Others Available & can be tried in Ocala Florida!❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️

Contact Information
Rhonda Gailey 770-733-2596
Swedish Warmblood, Thoroughbred, Imported, Amateur Friendly
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Marion County, Florida

  • February 6, 2019 11:01 am