PS Gandhi 16.1 (2011) Dark Bay KWPN Gelding by Warrant. (Numero Uno)

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PS Gandhi 16.1 (2011) Dark Bay KWPN Gelding by Warrant. (Numero Uno)


Peachstone Sport Horses offers (2011) PS Gandhi AKA G-Monkey is a 16.1 Dark Bay KWPN Gelding by Warrant. (Numero Uno) Big Fancy Mover and easy to do in all ways. Shown straight 1st level dressage (schooling 2nd) and low levels eventing in Holland. Superb Canter, easy to jump, happy mouth & ready to go on. Really a joy to ride everyday! Dressage scores of 28 & 29 at last 2 shows. He is rocking around novices without batting an eye & is ready for Training. Nothing phases him and he is STUNNING to look at!

Ready for Training and/or will rack up as a straight dressage horse as well!

Super YR/AR mount that will win and finish on his dressage!

~Others Available ~ Video in link below. Call/Text for more info. PS Sport Horses on Youtube, Instagram & Facebook

Contact Information
Rhonda Gailey 770-733-2596
Fancy, Amateur Friendly, KWPN, Holland, Imported, Dressage, Novice, Training
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Additional Video

  • February 21, 2018 9:27 pm