Breed your own elite eventer spring 2018!

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Breed your own elite eventer spring 2018!

Breeding and owning your own baby is a blast! We have most of our mares open for this fall’s breeding season – here’s a chance to pick your own stallion to pair with one of our top mares for a 2018 baby! We will happily give you a free breeding analysis ($250 value) based on our event horse database. Or use our stallion, Rabble Rouser, as a stud with no stud fee ($750 value). Rabble Rouser is a 2010 Oldenburg x thoroughbred stallion by Virginia Tech’s Royal Appearance out of our CCI** OTTB mare Irish Lace. We are thrilled with Rabble Rouser’s babies to date, the oldest are 2 this year.

The listed price of $1000 is a place holder for Sport Horse Nation. Fees are as follows. Our reproduction veterinarian is the excellent Dr. Vickie Newell at Greystone Veterinary ( For a custom breeding, the client covers all breeding fees – stud, collection, shipping, insemination, etc. plus mileage for transportation of the mare to Dr. Newell ($.50 per mile, = $50 per round trip). The client would also be responsible for foaling fees at Greystone where our mares foal out. If a client chooses to breed to Rabble Rouser, no fees for stud collection, shipping or insemination would be incurred as we breed to him by live cover. The client would only need to pay trailering/vet fees for the mare for regular pregnancy follow-up and ultrasound.

Once the mare is confirmed at least 14 days in foal, the client would cover mare pasture board ($300/month). After the foal is born, board increases to $400/month to cover both mare and foal. Once the foal is weaned (usually at about 5 months), the client either picks up or arranges transport of the foal or pays foal board/training at Wits End which is $375/month plus expenses (farrier, vet, trailering, etc.). We use a farrier who works with our reproduction vet and who specializes in showing babies and young horses.

Open mares who are not maiden include in alphabetical order:
1) Chequer Account (Chequer x Personal Account by Private Account). Off the track thoroughbred who, in addition to an impressive pedigree for eventing, is also a guaranteed single copy large heart gene carrier and has at least a 50% chance of being a double copy carrier. She has a foal competing preliminary level with Sharon White.
2) Comet Swinger (Comet Shine x White Bear by Superbity): Comet Swinger (“Tuttle”) is a 1996 Bay Thoroughbred Mare by the thoroughbred stallion Comet Shine. Comet Shine was the sire of Becky Holder’s 2008 Olympic and 2010 WEG partner Couragous Comet. Tuttle is a spectacular mover and has produced a number of lovely foals for us.
3) Hushabye Lady (Private School x Hushabye by Alwuhush): Lady is a 16 hand bay off the track thoroughbred who raced 16 Starts with two wins and three seconds before retiring from the track in 2008. She is a super fancy mover and has a sweet temperament. Her great grand sire, Sir Ivor, is a harder to find TB identified by the French annual book of sport horse breeding as the TB sire with the greatest influence on the International Show Jumping scene world wide. Her pedigree concentrates the great sport horse producing thoroughbreds Nasrullah, Nearco, Mumtaz Begum, Pharos, Bold Ruler, Teddy, and Bull Dog in the 5th to 9th generations.
4) Mabelino (Trempolino x Suzanne Pollard by Lord Gaylord): Mabelino is a beautiful former thoroughbred steeplechaser for Kinross Farm. She excelled at the chase with two first place finishes and three second place finishes in seven starts. Unfortunately, a fall and a fractured knee ended her career, and she retired to the breeding shed. She has a baby who has competed through the CCI* level – RESERVED, NO LONGER AVAILABLE.
5) My Martina (Midway Circle x Spots of Amber by Kanumera): My Martina is an off the track thoroughbred mare who is registered in the Oldenburg Main Mare Book (she scored 100). Martina raced 53 starts and retired sound from the track. She has an excellent temperament and a breath taking trot. Martina is 4S x 3D Native Dancer and 4S x 5D Princequillo – both horses we love to see up close in a pedigree. She has produced some very nice foals for us – RESERVED, NO LONGER AVAILABLE.
6) Pazia ZRF (Marveli of Hylite x Prima AA Farm by Mitch): Pazia ZRF is a perennial farm favorite. A diminutive 13’2 hand 1997 Haflinger SUPERSTAR mare, she cruises over 3’9″ with ease, and she LOVES it. Students rode her in clinics with both Kim Severson and Jim Wofford who both loved her. She has schooled up to prelim cross country. She is as smart as they come and is pet quality. Her first foal, Valiant Voyager, has excelled with Skyeler Icke-Voss and then with owner Katie Kelly.
7) Reality Happens (Cutlass Reality x Gertrude MC by Moscow Ballet): Reality Happens is an off the track thoroughbred who is a guaranteed single copy carrier of the large heart gene and who concentrates a number of thoroughbred lines know to be good for sport horses in her 5th through 7th generations including My Babu, Bold Ruler, Nearco, Menow, Nasrullah, Tom Fool, Pharos, Bull Dog, Mahmoud, and Pharamond. She is also entered in the Oldenburg main mare book.
*If you are interested in one of our maiden mares, contact us. Breeding a maiden mare has higher risk.
*Chequer Account does not take to frozen semen, she is fine with cooled semen. We have never tried Hushaby Lady with frozen semen, she is fine with cooled semen. The other mares have taken with fresh and frozen semen.

Come and breed that special future event horse with us!! References available on request.

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