Competitive 1* horse with CCI2* miles

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Competitive 1* horse with CCI2* miles

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13 yr old, OTTB, Gelding
Koda is one of the safest, kindest horses you’ll find. I’ve owned him for 9 years now, got him off the track as a 4 year old and brought him along myself as a kid. He took me to my first beginner novice all through the levels, Finishing 11th at Ocala Jockey Club CCI2* in 2016. Koda does not want to compete at the 2* level anymore, but is ready to take his next kid to NAYC 1*. He’s the perfect candidate for a young rider or adult amateur looking to be competitive at the 1* level and below! Very safe, honest, forgiving, sound, with no major injuries over the past 9 years. No vices. Koda has been leased to a young rider over the past year who did her first training levels, and her first few prelim events with many top finishes.Most recently finishing 3rd at VAHT in the JYOP. He is located in Micanopy Florida. Danielle-703-463-7457

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Eventer, Horse, OTTB
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Micanopy, Florida

  • December 3, 2018 11:36 am