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Competitive Training Level Eventer with Scope for More!

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Competitive Training Level Eventer with Scope for More!

CV Outlaw (Clyde) is a nine year old Thoroughbred who has had a very successful transition from the turf racing world to eventing. He is athletic and level-headed, making him an ideal event prospect. He is sound with no vices and hacks out alone or with company. Clyde is very amateur friendly and able to take a joke. He has the scope to easily go Prelim but would also be very happy winning at the lower levels. He is confirmed at Training level and will be ready to move up to Prelim this season.

Clyde stands 16.3 hands tall and has a lovely build. He is naturally soft, light, and easy to ride. He has a solid foundation in all three phases of eventing and has been carefully and correctly started in order to ensure positive experiences. Additionally, he is very easy to work around. He ties, clips, bathes, and loads without any issues.

Clyde has many events under his belt, including:

– 10/8/16 Radnor Hunt recognized horse trial, 7th place in a competitive Open Novice division (no jump penalties, dressage score of 33.0).

– 10/30/16 Waredaca, 2nd place in Novice Horse, dressage score of 30.2.

– 3/15/17 Full Gallop, dressage score of 33.6, no jump penalties, Open Training

– 4/23/17 MDHT, finished on his dressage score of 29.5, Training level TIP winner

– 5/28/17 MDHT, 2nd place on his dressage score of 33.1, Open Training

– 9/28/17 Olney Farm, 2nd place, dressage score of 25.5, Open Training

– 10/16/17 MDHT, 1st place on his dressage score of 30.7, Open Training

– 11/12/17 Full Moon Farm recognized, 2nd on his dressage score, Open Training

– 4/8/18 Full Moon Farm, 1st on his dressage score, Open Training

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Amateur-friendly, Competitive, Kind
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