Equestrian Manager

Equestrian Manager


The Equestrian Manager plans, supervises, and participates in the business operation and maintenance of the Longfield Stables equestrian center at Montage Palmetto Bluff. The Equestrian Manager is responsible for facility maintenance and should have extensive professional equine/equestrian experience. Knowledge of daily equine care and maintenance is mandatory. Riding, teaching, and training experience is beneficial. Farm management experience is imperative.

The Equestrian Manager is responsible for generating events (such as horse shows, clinics, exhibitions, etc.) to utilize the Longfield Stables Equestrian Center facilities and engage the Palmetto Bluff membership and Montage guests.


-Develops and implements work methods and procedures of all phases of equestrian operations including barn rental operation, trail ride program, equestrian show events, instructional support services, and equine health and welfare
-Develops long-term and short term plans for Longfield Stables and recommends changes and improvements in equestrian operations, staffing, facilities, and equipment
-Supervise stable attendants, and the maintenance functions, ensuring productivity, and assigning chores as necessary
-Oversees and monitors training and scheduling of all Longfield Stables Associates
-Conduct training, coaching, counseling and performance reviews for all associates
-Supervises operation and maintenance of assigned farm/agricultural machinery, equipment and equestrian facilities
-Oversight of all outdoor land maintenance and arena grooming
-Regularly inspects all equestrian buildings, grounds, and equipment to identify safety and sanitary hazards and initiates immediate or preventive maintenance.
-Supervising or assisting with vet, farrier and other professional appointments
-Ensuring that special healthcare instructions for a horse such as bandaging, cold hosing, medicating are carried out by the staff
-Monitoring the health and well-being of each horse
-Being the “on call” contact in the event of a sick horse
-Monitoring turnout areas for safety and cleanliness. Reporting needed repairs or hazards
-Oversight of all programs, projects, equestrian events and activities at Longfield Stables
-Creative Programming (dressage demonstrations, fox hunts, exhibitions, etc.) to engage both member and guest awareness of Longfield Stables
-Design and write marketing materials such as price sheets and brochures
-Boarder Management, including maximizing occupancy, executing and upkeep of boarder agreements, establish new boarder orientation program, and regular communication of policies and guideline updates, both written as well as periodic boarder meetings
-Investigates complaints and resolves difficult issues related to equine animals, boarders, and facilities.
-Generates and manages annual budget and capital projects.
-Actively monitor financial results and expenses
-Prepares correspondence and maintains records and reports on equestrian activities and monthly fiscal commentary.


-Minimum five years of equine operation management
-Able to manage equestrian operation in conjunction with an instructional program
-Excellent horse husbandry and handling skill. Comfortable handling difficult horses
-Proficient in providing medical care such as wrapping legs and administering IM shots
-Thorough knowledge of equine medications and their usage
-Ability to recognize a sick horse immediately and provide the appropriate care, or contact the appropriate professional support
-Knowledge of farming/agricultural principles and methods and their application to equestrian activities
-Ability to exercise sound judgment and discretion
-Interaction with guests and members must be on a professional level at all times
-Must speak fluent English
-Possess excellent communication skills
-Able to work in a smoke free environment
-Demonstrated experience in interaction with clients/guests
-Experience with Microsoft Office, Excel, and related business software
-Able to learn specialized computer applications as needed
-An associates’ degree in equine science, equestrian business, animal science, or related area such as agricultural science is desirable


-Work tasks may be performed both indoors and outdoors. Will encounter variable outdoor weather conditions, including hot, cold, windy and wet weather.
-Must be able to lift 50 lbs.
-May need to remain standing for extended periods of time.
-Requires grasping, writing, standing, sitting, walking, repetitive motions, bending, listening and hearing ability and visual acuity.
-Talking and listening occur continuously in the process of communicating with guests, supervisors and subordinates.
-Vision occurs continuously with the most common visual functions being those of near vision and depth perception.
-Requires manual dexterity to use and operate all necessary equipment.
-Must have finger dexterity to be able to operate office equipment such as computers, printers, multi-line touch tone phone, filing cabinets, photocopiers, dolly and other office equipment as needed.

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