Foxhunter/Jumper/Eventer Type- 2009 Dark Bay TB

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Foxhunter/Jumper/Eventer Type- 2009 Dark Bay TB

Winnie is a 2009 TB Mare standing at 16 hh. Dark bay, almost black, with beautiful dapples, two white socks and a large star. She is built more like a warmblood with a muscular neck and haunches & she holds her weight easily. Winnie is an excellent & brave jumper, also very brave on xc. She loves the excitement of it & has the endurance & willingness to perform & do well in many arenas. Winnie has been schooling & competing locally at the 3 ft level jumpers, has been competing in beginner novice/novice events, schooling some training level xc & is ready to move up with the right rider. Absolutely has upper level potential. Has automatic lead changes, very naturally balanced, slow canter, not your typical short strided TB, extremely showy and expressive trot. She has free jumped up to 4’9″. She is very personable & in your pocket, calm on the ground, she loads & trailers well, stands for vet/farrier, clips well, she does well in new environments, great out in the pasture,doesn’t tear up blankets or get very dirty, stays sound, etc. Under saddle she tries very hard to please her rider. She has never offered to rear or buck, ever. She is very willing to decorative jumps & has never stopped at a spooky jump, would make an EXCELLENT fox hunter. Ditches, brush, trakehners, banks down into water, banks up, you name it…no stop at anything even her first tries. She is just looking for her competitive rider to put in the time to take her up the levels. Would be fine for an intermediate/amateur rider who has a trainer. Had a clean vet check when I bought her and no problems since, clean tight legs. I am confident she is very sound for many years of jumping as she has been brought up very slowly. Selling at no fault of her own, no time due to work. Price negotiable as I have NO time. I am more concerned with her getting the PERFECT long term home that will adore her. The type of mare that will do anything for her rider once the connection is there. Videos:,, and many more videos under same youtube channel

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Lauren Stiver - 913-982-6433
Bold, Thoroughbred, UpperLevel
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