FT Barn Manager

FT Barn Manager

We are looking for a full time manager who likes people as much as horses. We are a large, active boarding/training/competition facility with a wide range of Sport Horses and their humans. Being able to mentor a team of staff/working students is important so experience teaching barn skills expected. Customer service oriented person who likes people as much as horses works well here.

The position is very leadership and detail oriented. To include knowledge of equine nutrition, designing and setting up meals on a schedule, identifying and determining if Vet needs to be called and treating injuries, communicating with clients, leading the team of staff/students in stables, scheduling routine Vet/farrier, as well as good record keeping skills. Daily chores are part of the position. Working alongside our facilities manager who handles repairs/maintenance/outside hay feedings, so our barn manager can focus on the horses.

We are looking for maturity, knowledge, honesty, clean driving record and someone serious about giving the best care of quality horses. Wide range of duties that make it interesting. Need not be proficient in all areas as we will train but must be responsible and reliable. Personal horse/training/competing welcome. We are flexible.

Contact Information
Julie Hagen- Bascule Farm LLC 301-633-0590
Barn Manger, Eventing, Dressage

  • July 11, 2017 2:10 pm