Full Time, Onsite, Farm Manager/Caretaker

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Full Time, Onsite, Farm Manager/Caretaker

Eightfold Farms has an immediate opening for a full time, onsite, farm manager/caretaker. This is an amazing opportunity for an individual, couple, or even a small family that wants the farm lifestyle without the capital investment! This job comes with a brand new 2 bed 2 & ½ bath farmhouse accommodation that overlooks the barn. This accommodation is part of the employee compensation package and living onsite is a requirement of the job. Animal/farm management is unpredictable so applicants must be willing to work whenever an issue arises including weekends, late nights, and early mornings. Friendly and well-trained pets are welcome and a stall/pasture for your horse could be negotiated into the compensation package. This is a salaried position based on experience.

Please visit our website here www.eightfoldfarms.com/about/about-eightfold-farms/ to learn more about our farm and our management philosophies. We are looking for a long-term employee so we would like their views to align with our mission and goals. Individuals applying MUST have experience handling and caring for horses. Applicants MUST have clear and respectful communication skills. Finally applicants MUST be willing to learn and work as part of a team.

Manager/Caretaker Duties
A. Care for livestock seven days a week including but not limited to feed water, muck, move to and from pastures, observe health
– Administer minor medical attention such as wormers, fly spray, dress superficial wounds, etc.
– With the prior consent and approval of one of Company’s Managers refer more serious medical needs to Veterinarians. In the case of a perceived emergency situation no prior notice is required but Company shall be provided with appropriate notice under the circumstances.
B. Raise and tend to vegetable gardens and aquaponics grow once established
C. Raise poultry and other small livestock, harvest eggs and meat
– Arrange for livestock processing as required by Company
D. Perform minor grounds maintenance to all areas not being cultivated or harvested by other persons (cut grass, weed control, weed landscaping, etc)
E. Cut trees and firewood as deemed necessary by Mother Nature and Company. Remove dead or broken trees as required
F. Perform minor facility repairs within the scope of capabilities
– Minor plumbing, wiring, construction such as appliance and lights installation
– Keep all facilities in proper working order; refer maintenance projects as required
– Keep facilities clean
G. Maintain fencing and fence lines; perform repairs as required
H. Create and maintain a gallop path
I. Monitor grounds for pest and predator damage, flood and erosion damage and for damage caused by contractors and guests.
– Remove pests as required or arrange for their professional removal with the concurrence of Company
J. Perform minor equipment maintenance and repairs as required
– Establish and maintain equipment maintenance schedules
– Refer other than scheduled and minor maintenance as required
K. Perform research and offer solutions to projects recommended by Company and recommend improvement projects to Company
L. Prioritize above tasks with Company input
M. Upon request by Company, assist the Company in attempting to locate suitable temporary personnel and, upon the hiring of any temporary personnel by Company and subsequent request, assist in training such temporary help to cover periods of absence due to illness, appointments, and other periods of absence.
N. Provide project management expertise as requested.
– Contact contractors, arrange service and follow up on progress.
O. Help in the construction and supervision of projects that are performed at Eightfold Farm; including but not limited to:
– electrical, plumbing, construction and heavy equipment operation.
P. Monitor arena footing and drag when necessary.
Q. Produce a monthly “Around the farm” post for our website/facebook.

All applicants for this position will be subject to a background check. Please send your resume with references to [email protected]

Contact Information
[email protected]

  • March 23, 2017 5:49 pm