ISO Dressage and Event Horse

ISO Dressage and Event Horse

ISO superstar dressage horse/eventer
For competent young teen who’s earned her stripes dealing with difficult horses and having to retrain a couple of upside-down ones.
Looking for a warmblood with FEI potential, only considering top mover. At the very minimum, training/first level ready, correctly ridden and muscled. Horse has to also be currently eventing and ready to go at least novice this show season, point-shoot over fences and no stop at ditches, water, etc. We can deal with furthering dressage training as long as potential and solid basics are there, however need sane, safe and honest horse on xc with proven eventing record (ok if just schooling shows).
Rider has excellent dressage and aspirations to take horse up the levels in dressage; also wants to event at least novice/training level and jump for fun but after two broken elbows needs an absolute confidence builder in that respect. Bold is ok; stopping is not.
We are looking for a lifetime partner and are not going to compromise on anything. Great to stellar movement and brains are a must. Absolutely no TBs (even if they’re “built like a warmblood”), baroque-type horses (Spanish, Friesian, etc.), or draft crosses. Looking for a wb or wb Cross with outstanding bloodlines for dressage and jumping, with the aforementioned experience and temperament. Don’t care about gender or color, as long as not super mare-ish.
Training needs to be age-appropriate, not looking for a 6yo going in a double bridle or jumping Grand Prix. Let me know what you have. Flexible budget for the right horse that checks all the boxes. I am from Europe and am looking overseas as well but want to see if there’s something local before importing. East coast only– I’d rather fly across the pond than to the west coast, if I’m going to fly, bigger selection and better prices in my home territory.
Thank you.

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  • January 3, 2018 9:44 pm