Pinto Friesian -Flashy Sport Horse

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Pinto Friesian -Flashy Sport Horse

“Sky ” -turned out with more of the warm blood look than strict Friesian. He turns black bay pinto for 6 mos of the year during the cooler months. Most agreeable horse I’ve ever owned and every ride is a pleasure . Doing training level dressage well and does more advanced movements of leg yield,shoulder in, etc. He is the cool WB push ride vs tense,tight backed hot horses. Superb trail horse has been ridden alone/grp on numerous ,scenic horse park trails throughout Colorado. May be one of those rare horses that could fox hunt calmly.
V sound.. can go barefoot the whole year. Easy keeper, likes attention on the crossties. Tolerates llama right next to him in the pasture and multiple goats running under his legs and jumping off tack trunks right next to him.
For sale because he’s only ridden 3-4 x month and he should have been already been shown extensively. Can get an 8 on his sweeping,elastic walk and also stretch circles that each get coefficient scores x 2 at shows. The steady horse in dressage classes for AA and Jrs usually wins. Should also have been doing scenic trail riding all over colorado. This conformation pic is preliminary..doesn’t totally show the very correct conformation he has. I choose this picture of him in the winter when he came right out of the muddy pasture because it showed how trim he can get. He is not as trim now re: mos of lush pasture. Uphill neck build .. rides big ..shown on video with 5 foot nine man and he is 15 hds. Limited jump experience but brave and should learn quickly.

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  • September 11, 2017 3:10 pm