Prelim/ One Star packer 2017 NAJYRC HORSE

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Prelim/ One Star packer 2017 NAJYRC HORSE

Queen of Spades aka “Millie” is a 16.1H 11 year old Thoroughbred mare. Millie is the sweetheart of the barn and super easy to handle/trailer/clip etc. The past three years Millie has brought her young rider up to the one star level and competed at NAJYRC this year. Millie has been solid at prelim for two years now and competed in 3 one stars this year all with clean cross country rounds. Millie is a cross country machine and a huge confidence builder.
Looking for the absolute perfect home for this special horse. Located at Coyote Spring Farm in Lee, NH. Call Laine for more details. 603-531-7850
This season results:
Sporting Days Farm- 5th in the JYOP
Carolina International- Completion in the CIC*
Ocala International- Completion in the CCI*
Groton House Farm- 3rd in the JYOP
NAJYRC at Rebecca Farm, Kalispell, MT- Completion in the CCI* — at Coyote Spring Farm.

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  • November 12, 2017 11:15 am