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“Oliver” is a 2002 chestnut thoroughbred gelding standing about 16.2 hands. He was formerly competed successfully up to the 1* level before I purchased him to gain confidence on at Novice and Training level. He has been the best teacher and confidence boost in the time that I have owned him and this is a very difficult sale. He has three lovely gaits and moves like a warm blood. Scoring consistently in the top after dressage he is a top contender at shows. He is always fast and clear cross country and will bring his rider home safely every time. He needs a bit of a more confident ride in the show jump once the jumps get bigger but is honest. I cannot say enough good things about him and will require that he go to the best home. He requires yearly hock and stifle injections to keep him in tip top shape as he has quite the extensive show record. When I vetted him two years ago the vet said he could not believe how great his XRays were after seeing his record and he has had no injuries or increase in work since. Oliver is very workman like and is happiest with a job but does not need to be ridden every day of the week. He has no buck, bite, or rear but is a bit sensitive. I will be very open and forth coming with all information to his buyer as this horse is very special to me. I will require a signed first right of refusal as well as a no slaughter contract. I am also willing to provide a retirement home for him when the day comes.

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kind, beautiful, talented

  • July 17, 2018 12:20 pm