Six year old Prelim horse, always clear XC and SJ, top level talent.

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Six year old Prelim horse, always clear XC and SJ, top level talent.

GALERNA CAMPARI MAIL (Campi) – Exciting young Preliminary horse. Bay 6 year old imported Selle Francais gelding with 75% thoroughbred and Anglo-Arabian blood, 16.3 hands. This is a talented young horse bred to event; he is by Jaguar Mail (Top sire of Eventers in France in 2016), and out of a mare by top show jumper Rebel Z (full brother to Ratina Z). He is a very good mover with correct conformation and exceptional jumping ability. He is consistently clear on XC and SJ, and almost always finishes in the top placings. He has recently moved up to Preliminary level successfully, having done four Prelim Events, and jumping clear both SJ and XC in each. This is an exceptionally talented young horse with the potential for the top levels of the sport. He is suitable for a serious rider who wants to go to the top, but he is also straightforward to ride and easy enough for an ambitious amateur.
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