Struggling to sell a quality horse?

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Struggling to sell a quality horse?

Pippa Moon Training & Sales, LLC sells 30 horses on average a year. Located in Aiken, SC

~We specialize in taking a horse out of one discipline and selling them into another. Your horse is a show hunter despite your best efforts? You bred dressage bloodlines, but actually have an event horse on your hands? We are happy to help!

~We sell lots of YR mounts that didn’t work out. They go on to homes where they are enjoyed despite not making the NAJYRC timeline!

~We have contacts across Eventing, Dressage, and the H/J market. If you are an event person and own a horse that is maybe not happiest eventing, but are unsure how to proceed changing your horse’s sport and wanting to stay in a circle that you can trust: we are happy to be your avenue into selling your horse into Dressage or H/J markets.

~Low level mounts for JR/AA are always welcome!

~We are expanding the number of horses that we are going to offer for sale this summer.

~Please don’t hesitate to contact Pippa even if it is simply to evaluate your horse’s market value and to do an assessment as to possible financial return on sending your horse to be sold.

(top photos: CCI** Eventer turned A circuit Hunter, Eq Mount turned Eventer, CIC** Eventer turned Dressage mount)

Contact Information
Pippa at 207-650-9220 or [email protected] or
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