Super fun and talented little sports car!

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Super fun and talented little sports car!

Cosmic Brew (barn name: Cosmo) is a 15.3 hand 7 year old registered Thoroughbred chestnut gelding. We got Cosmo from a racetrack trainer that we know. She does a fabulous job with her horses, and when she called to tell us she had a horse we would like, we never even hesitated; just went and got him. She was right! We got Cosmo to resell, but loved him so much right from the start that we have now had him for over 2 1/2 years! To us, as people who train and sell horses for a living, that is the greatest compliment we can give a horse! We are only now selling him because we simply haven’t done him justice; our personal horses are put on the back burner every time we get too logged down with horses that need to be ridden to sell, and so his work has been inconsistent. He is well schooled and a blast to ride, and has done starter trials through the BN level. He generally scores low 30s in the dressage, is an absolute BLAST to jump, has an automatic lead change, and has wings in his feet. This horse is a true upper level candidate! He the perfect combination of energetic and forward, yet extremely safe and sensible in all circumstances. He is also very beautiful and a really neat mover; without fail, the dressage judges will ask what breed he is, and they never believe he is a Thoroughbred; most think he is a Dutch Harness horse or even a Hackney horse. He is a plain snaffle and plain noseband ride; though he is forward, he is not a runaway at all. To top of the extraordinary list of awesomeness that this horse has to his name, he also has perfect manners in all situations, and is the sort of horse that can be given two weeks off and will be beautifully mannered and safe when you get back on him. He is ROCK sound and has clean legs. In 2 1/2 years, we have never injected any joints or done any maintenance other than standard care and he has only worn plain front shoes. He is current on all care, sound, healthy, and is currently fit and competing. $12,500 to a fantastic home only! Located in Augusta, WV, 28 miles west of Winchester, VA.

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  • July 3, 2017 7:53 pm