Thoroughbred Event Mare/BN-N Packer

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Thoroughbred Event Mare/BN-N Packer

Honour the Riches, aka Bellamy, is a just turning nine-year-old OTTB mare (only raced 3 times all in one day). Bellamy is bay with two socks on both hind legs, 15.3hh, she stands for the farrier (front shoes) can go barefoot (great feet), road hacks, trail rides, can be ridden bridless, gets along with any horse, loads (by herself or with others), can be clipped full body (does not like bridle path), has been in clinics, and has traveled. She is grained only with one supplement (cool calories), she does have chiropractor every month to keep her in top condition. I did have her x rayed as she does have a hind left bump on her ankle but her x rays where clean, (its superficial). She is Ridden 5-6 days a week (weather permitting). She does flop her tongue out but only when she’s bored or extremely nervous (she does not do this while riding). She is not hard to deal with as she can be held by anyone, she has the same personality every where she goes. She can get hot, but that is only during competition as she loves her job and settles right in when entering the ring. I don’t not have her papers, although she does have a tattoo and is on the jockey club website. (I’m sure they would not be hard to receive)
Bellamys Eventing career started when she was six years old. She was in a strict training program for two years with lessons every week ridden by me. She has also been in lessons with a 3*** rider for a summer and a Lainey Ashker clinic also ridden by me. All very much liked her and her personality. She has shown in North Carolina, Kentucky, and Ohio. She has shown in intro all the way up to Beginner Novice. This year I was planning on taking her novice as she schools’ novice and training level very easily at home. She has shown in novice eventing dressage and scored moderately well. Her last beginner novice was October 2018 and she placed 2nd out of 10. She has no problem making time on cross country and she always has a clean stadium. Her dressage skills are still coming but she has amazing progression. She has done walk to canter transitions, downward transitions, shoulder inn, haunches in, turn on the forehand, and much more. She does not care about any cross country or stadium fence (ditches, water, tires, flowers, windmills, giant lollipops, Halloween décor, steps, etc.) In her entire career she has only refused two fences and that was her first cross country school ever. She can get hot when jumping and not for a beginner rider. She is not out of control but can be ridden by a amateur or someone who just wants to compete up to training level. She would be great for a teenager who loves a quick paced horse with lots of personality. She knows her job and loves doing it!! Only reason for selling is I know she will not be an intermediate or advanced horse and that is what I want. Otherwise I would love to keep her. Price negotiable to a good home.

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Morgan County, Ohio

  • February 16, 2019 8:51 pm