Training Level Eventer - Novice Winner at AEC 2017 - Foxhunter / Sale or Lease

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Training Level Eventer - Novice Winner at AEC 2017 - Foxhunter / Sale or Lease

Lilly is an 8yo Canadian Sport Horse currently competing at the Training Level (schooling Prelim XC) with 3rd and 4th place finishes to date. Lilly gave her owner a thrilling victory to win her Novice Division at the 2017 AEC in Tryon NC last August. She is rock solid competitor who LOVES to “perform” in the dressage arena in which the judges take note and LOVE her! Lilly is an easy and uncomplicated ride perfect for a novice amateur adult or junior who wants to win with out wrestling with a complicated larger horse (Lilly is 15.1). While Lilly can school Preliminary Level – She is best suited for Training Level and below and will be an easy winner at that while being an enjoyable horse to be around both on the ground and in the saddle. Lilly is also a fabulous fox-hunter recently competing in the 2017 JNAFHC with my 12yo daughter completing a top 10 finish in a large and competitive division just a month into her second hunt season. Lilly is a special find and a pleasure to be around. She was imported in 2015 brought along slowly and correctly with a great deal of professional training and under a watchful eye for correctness from the start. Lilly is well-rounded and has only seen success since entering the US as s 5yo in 2015. If you want to win and don’t want to work all that hard, Lilly would make you the perfect partner.
update 7/14/2018 – Due to considerations of her pre-purchase X-rays we have reduced her price to $15,000 neg (from $28,000) to reflect these imperfections A lease option is available for $3,500 per year to the perfect situation. Lilly is sound and continuing to compete and fox-hunt this fall. If you are on a limited budget and want the chance to have a lovely horse – this is your opportunity.

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martha Lambert ‭(502) 773-2981‬ [email protected]
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