Imported ISH CCI1*/CCI2** with Top Results

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Imported ISH CCI1*/CCI2** with Top Results

King Lear is a 16.2hh 11yr old imported Irish Sport Horse gelding with top eventing bloodline Cavalier Royale. With three impressive gaits and a very willing temperament, judges loves to score this horse in the 20’s. Huge jump, straightforward ride and always hoping to please his rider. King Lear has many wins and top placings making him an excellent candidate for NAJYRC 2018 or an adult amateur rider, but is also talented enough for a professional. He goes all three phases in a snaffle and is always well mannered making him a barn favourite. Located in Ocala FL. Please contact for more information and price. [email protected] (519)278-0976

results include:
Grandview Intermediate Sept 2017 12th
Glen Oro Prelim July 2017 3rd
Ocala CCI1* Apr 2017 16th
Rocking Horse Prelim Apr 2017 1st
Exmoor Prelim Mar 2017 1st
Rocking Horse Prelim Mar 2017 2nd
Grandview Prelim Oct 2016 1st
Dreamcrest Prelim Sept 2016 1st
Osberton CCI2* Oct 2014 43rd
Someford Park CIC2* Aug 2014 23rd

Contact Information
[email protected]
Winning, Prelim, Intermediate
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