Working Student Position

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Working Student Position

St Jacques Equestrian is hiring a working student for July 2019. Pierre and Samantha St Jacques operate St Jacques Equestrian out of North Star Farm in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Pierre St Jacques is a Grand Prix level dressage rider that has represented the United States at International competition and Samantha St Jacques is an Olympic level three day event rider. This is an amazing opportunity for someone to greatly enhance their riding and horsemanship. We offer housing, board for one horse, lessons, training and pay. St Jacques Equestrian is a very active training and competition barn. Working students will gain and improve personally from being able to become a part of our team and learn about riding, horse management and running a professional training center. Please contact Samantha at 561-601-3048 We are on Facebook at North Star farm and on the web at

Contact Information
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Allentown, PA

  • March 21, 2019 12:38 pm