Working Student Position

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Working Student Position

Law Eventing is looking for new working students.
Details include:

~ 6 days of work in exchange for our full training board; valued at $2,000 to include all horse care, lessons and help at events.
~ candidates must have their own vehicle
~ housing is available close by at affordable rates
~ candidates must have their own SOUND and TRAINABLE horse
~ candidates must be over 18 years of age
~ candidates must commit to a minimum of 8 months; a year is preferred
~ candidates must ride at a solid training + level
~ candidates must realize that they will need enough money to pay for their housing, farrier, living expenses, show fees, etc.

Our working students more often than not reach their goals and are successful due to the intensity of our program and the high level of coaching, individual attention and planning that they and their horses receive. Our working students are not treated like slaves but rather key parts of our program and if they work hard for us, we work hard for them.

We expect our working students to act like adults and have a high level of maturity and a keen interest in learning all aspects of the horse and the sport.

Contact Information
[email protected]

  • April 7, 2017 6:29 am