Working Students Needed in Near Future.

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Working Students Needed in Near Future.

Law Eventing will be looking for a 4th team member to start anytime between now and December to get ready for the busy winter/spring season.

Interested individuals should be:
18 or older
have a riding ability of strong training level or above
own their own vehicle
be able to work consistently, be reliable, be mature, be alert, be energetic, be interested
must be able to pay for their own accommodation (we can probably help you find cheap local accommodation) and have the money to support themselves and their horse
must be able to commit through May1st.
must have their own horse that is: SOUND, SANE, and able to put up with the level of training you will receive

Our working students are expected to work 6 days a week, with vacation time in winter and summer, regular hours of 7am-4:30pm, show hours of ?-?.

In exchange they receive full board on one horse, customized attention, many many lessons in whatever they need, help at shows, experience riding other horses, experience grooming at top events, ability to watch lessons given to people at their own level up to riders of 4 star calibre, and shipping when available.

On paper, our working students receive approx $2,200 a month in services. But if they are diligent and attentive and watch, what they can receive in learning about riding and the business far exceeds that amount.

We have produced many many horses through the ranks and many riders. Our working students come for 6 months and the MAJORITY have stayed for over two years whether we like it or not lol.

Please realize this is not a ‘barn job’. This is an emersion into an upper level, elite, eventing program. It is a lifestyle, a pathway to a career. We operate as a family with a small group of people here and a lot of very nice horses.

Contact Information
[email protected]
Marion County, Florida

  • August 25, 2018 3:28 pm