10 Year Old, 15.1 Hand, Registered Quarterhorse $8,500

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10 Year Old, 15.1 Hand, Registered Quarterhorse $8,500

10 yo, 15.1 hand, registered Quarterhorse currently schooling/competing Novice level eventing. I have had the pleasure of owning/training this horse for seven years. We started our eventing career/training just 3 years ago and have progressed well. Ruger is a super affectionate horse who loves people. He has competed in Eventing through Novice level. In addition, he has excellent dressage having competed in Training and 1st Level. He is a forward ride and is brave and honest in stadium jumping. On cross country he needs to school new jumps a few times to gain his confidence so would be best suited for a confident rider. Ruger is located in Troup Texas (just south of Tyler Texas). Low maintenance/no shoes.

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[email protected], 314-835-8710
Affectionate, Handsome, Forward, Honest, Loves his Human!
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Smith County, Texas

  • August 14, 2019 9:06 am