14 Year Old Haflinger Eventing Pony

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14 Year Old Haflinger Eventing Pony

Fancy is a 14 year old registered Haflinger mare that has been in one home since she was a weanling. She is 57 inches tall. Fancy has been used in 4-H, for trail riding, and for lessons. She is currently being used for eventing at the starter level. Fancy is 100% sound with solid bone structure. She rides out alone or with a group and really enjoys hunter pacing. Fancy would be best suited for an intermediate beginner or higher. Fancy was broke to drive in the past but has not been driven in several years.

She is a very easy keeper and thrives on free access hay. She goes barefoot with strong feet. She is beautiful in the summer with a dappled coat.


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Madison County, Illinois

  • February 14, 2020 3:01 am