2⭐️ WINNER and Cross Country Machine

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2⭐️ WINNER and Cross Country Machine

2 ⭐️ WINNER and XC Machine

#SharpDecision is a 2011 16.2hd Tb Gelding. Has been trained to the Advanced level competed at some of the toughest 3⭐️s but is the most competitive at the Prelim/2star level.

I’ve had Sharpie since the track and he is a horse with the most try. He loves to show up for work and is one of the most consistent horses I’ve had. Ridden bareback and bridleless he is an absolute sweet heart in the barn, everyone he meets is his friend.

Scores well in dressage, has flying changes, half passes and canter walks, and is the most honest horse cross country. He took my student around her first training with a smile on her face the whole time. If you have any anxiety about xc he will help you. A genuine horse and only to a 5* 🏠

Seventy five k.

Reddick Fl

Contact Information
[email protected] 678-524-5848
Reddick Florida

  • May 3, 2023 7:30 am