2020 Devoucoux Chiberta LAB 18" Normale Tree

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2020 Devoucoux Chiberta LAB 18" Normale Tree

Devoucoux Chiberta LAB 18″ Seat Arcade Normale Tree
3AA Flap
Full Buffalo Leather
2020 model!

This saddle has been very lightly used by a junior rider with one horse. The Carbon fiber tree gives you a great feeling to be able to follow your horse through their bascule and help them produce the best jumping effort possible. The foam flocked panels require little to no maintenance but can be adjusted with the help of your local Devoucoux rep.

This saddle is infinitely comfortable for both horse and rider. It has a beautiful navy pinstripe as well as a pearl detailing. The monogram on the rear of the cantle can be updated to your liking.

Contact Information
Lauren New 843-224-8710
Devoucoux Chiberta Jump
Jasper, GA

  • March 27, 2023 12:34 pm