AA/JR Friendly Imported Warmblood with Upper Level Potential

AA/JR Friendly Imported Warmblood with Upper Level Potential

Capry is what every trainer and AA is looking to find! He stands 16.2hh and is stunningly good looking. He has just arrived from Scotland where he was being ridden by two young sisters in the .8m and .9m jumpers – only sold because the girls wanted something ‘hotter!’ We see Capry being a versatile type that could happily continue his jumper career, become an eventer, or even have a successful go in the dressage ring as his impressive gaits are what originally caught our eye.

Capry has been a pleasure to have in the program! He is easy in the barn, has a sweet, in your pocket, goofy personality.

Capry makes a clear effort on the flat, with naturally uphill, ground covering gaits. He is working on being more consistent in the bridle, specifically in his canter departs. Over fences he is steady, HONEST, and can take a joke. Capry has a wonderful rhythmic way of going between the fences. His metronome canter makes it easy to make your way down the line. He is bridled in a rubber nathe for both flat and jumping, which he seems to enjoy in his soft, elastic mouth.

We see Capry currently being well suited for a rider who has some prior experience and good guidance. He does not require a professional ride as he is uncomplicated and soft, but does not want a rider who is harsh with their hands.

Current PPE available.

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  • August 6, 2022 11:54 am