Amateur-friendly Event Horse with great attitude

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Amateur-friendly Event Horse with great attitude

ZIPPITY CITY- Bay 2012 TB gelding, 16.1+ hands. Zip is attractive and flashy, with four white socks and a blaze. He is a kind and generous young horse that is Eventing at BN now and schooling Novice, with plenty of talent to move up. He is a very nice mover and a willing jumper with good form. He is extremely quiet and easy to ride, and has a great attitude. Suitable for an amateur who wants to move up the levels with a willing partner.
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We also have many other excellent horses available, from green prospects to experienced Eventers. Visit for more info. Phyllis Dawson, Windchase, Hillsboro, VA E-mail: [email protected] Phone: (540) 668-6024 – stable, (540) 668-6548 – home.

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Phyllis Dawson at [email protected], 540-668-6024 barn, or 540-668-6548 home. Email preferred.
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Loudoun County, Virginia

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