Ashfield’s Jack Sprat

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Ashfield’s Jack Sprat

Ashfield’s Jack Sprat or Jack as we call him is a 10 year old imported Connemara. Jack stands 15 hands and has a good size barrel that takes up the riders leg. Jack was imported last year and competed in Jumpers and eventing in Ireland as well as many miles in the hunt field.
Jack recently competed in his first USEA recognized event last month. He had a 30 in the dressage and a clean XC round finishing in the ribbons.
Jack has 3 extremely nice gaits and a ground covering canter stride. He does not ride like a small horse.
He is very flashy on the flat and a very brave and bold jumper.
Jack has the talent and scope to move up the levels of eventing or continue his career out in the hunt field.
He is a safe horse with no naughty habits or vices. However jack is a very forward ride over fences and for that reason is better suited for a game and confident rider.
No stop whatsoever… if you point him he is going to jump it.
He has a PPE with full xrays which was squeaky clean from January.
Amazing feet and great ground manners.
He stands for the farrier, ties, loads … he does it all great.
Located in Wichita, Kansas
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Contact Information
Eventer, Fox Hunter, Jumper
Wichita, Kansas

  • June 30, 2022 6:10 pm