Attn: Bit Hoarders (You Know Who You Are😬)

Attn: Bit Hoarders (You Know Who You Are😬)

I got 99 bits and my pony doesn’t like a single one. All Princess wants is one of those fancy hackabits everybody is wearing these days. You have to special order it from Europe and, considering its price point, one assumes it includes 24k-gold custom monogramming and GPS/WiFi capabilities.

To fundraise, I’m KonMari-ing the rest of my collection in one lump sum — a $1,179.11 value for the low-low price of $400 (OBO!) including shipping which can’t be cheap for a box full of metal. The assortment ranges from classic little black dress snaffles to some funky “here goes nothing!” one-offs. Seems like a good deal even if you just put the nice ones into rotation and melt the rest for scrap. Plus, they’ve been slobbered upon by some very special horses, and while they have since been disinfected that’s the sort of good juju you can’t wash off.

Stubben Copper Golden Wings 4-in-1 Bit: (5”) $183.50 

Herm Sprenger KK Ultra B-Ring Baucher Bit: (5”) $161.95 

Herm Sprenger KK Ultra Aurigan Loose Ring: (5”) $132.90 

Myler Level 2 D Ring: (4 ¾”) $109.95 ($50)

Myler Dee Stainless Steel Twisted Comfort Snaffle: (5”) $103.95 

Myler Level 1 D Ring: (5”) $99.95 ($50)

Happy Mouth Jointed Full Cheek: (5’) $61.95

Happy Mouth 3-Ring Elevator: (5”) $49.95

Ovation Curve Copper Loose Ring: (5”) $49.95

Centaur Waterford Full Cheek: (5 ½) $35.99

Happy Mouth Jointed Loose Ring: (5”) $31.95

Wonder Bit with Oval Link including guards: (5”) $31.95

Tough-1 Hackamore: $25.51

Korsteel Eggbutt: (5”) $24.79

Full Cheek Snaffle: (5”) $20.24

Full Cheek Snaffle: (5 ¼”) $20.24

Korsteel Lightweight Hollow Mouth Eggbutt: (5”) $18.74

Korsteel Rubber Mouth Loose Ring: (5”) $15.75

Total value: $1,179.21. Asking price: $400 including shipping. Email me at [email protected].

Contact Information
Leslie Wylie
Bits, Tack, Equipment

  • June 20, 2020 5:10 am

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