BN/N/Training/1.20m schoolmaster!

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BN/N/Training/1.20m schoolmaster!

Quin has an extensive history in eventing up to the 2* level, but has recently decided the jumper ring is where its at! He is the guy to take you from 1m- 1.30m and have fun doing it. He is a straightforward ride, always jumps, and with his eventing background is extremely brave and not much phases him. In the barn, Quin is a true gentleman and is calm enough for a junior to do all aspects of horsecare with. Travels like a dream.

Quin is looking for a new partner to have fun with and move up the levels in the jumper ring, and with his excellent flatwork could easily learn about the eq ring as well. If you have aspirations to cross over into eventing he would happily show you the ropes there too!

Quin is located in Co. Kildare, Ireland. I am proud to represent him here in North America and am located in Calgary, Alberta so can support you in translating training and experience into North American terms, and help facilitate all aspects of the pre-purchase and import process. References from happy customers available!

Recent xrays available to serious buyers.

Contact Information
[email protected] 303-601-0464
Jumper, reliable, versatile
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Co. Kildare, Ireland

  • September 24, 2021 12:10 pm