Fancy Experienced Jumper

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Fancy Experienced Jumper

Horales is a 10 year old Trekaner gelding that we imported as a 5 year old and have carefully produced up the levels. He has successfully competed in many FEI events, evented through the Advanced level, 1.30m show jumper, and 4th level dressage. This athlete is gorgeous with his striking presence, big movement, and confident demeanor. Horales loves to jump, and has an excellent cross country record with multiple top 10 FEI finishes, including the 3*L at Tryon. He’s competed at the major events around the US including AECs, Red Hills, Great Meadow, Jersey Fresh, FL, WEC, Tryon, etc.
He is now ready to help someone move up the levels in eventing or jumpers… just point him to the jump and he’ll get you safely to the other side! has several competition videos. Search his name, Horales.

Horales is 17.2 hands and loves all the attention you can give! A bargain at $75,000

Contact Information
Dan Krietl. [email protected]
Gorgeous, experienced, steady rhythm
Youtube Video
Muncie Indiana

  • March 21, 2023 9:44 am