Fun, Smart, OTTB Looking for an eventing partner!

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Fun, Smart, OTTB Looking for an eventing partner!

Hi, my name is Joaquin (pronounced Waah- Keeen) and I’m a lean, mean, keen galloping machine who needs to be SEEN! I’m the fastest horse in the pasture and I like to demonstrate my lightning speed by being the first to canter up to any potential riders who come out to the pasture seeking a partner in ADVENTURE! My favorite activities are rolling in the mud, galloping fa…hey!
Helen here – I had to shove Joaquin away from the keyboard. He’s a very exuberant, eager to please, amusing dog in an athletic horse’s body, and he’s seriously fun to be around and to ride. A 2014 model 16.1 TB who’s schooling Novice/Training and showing at BN, he tends to be a little lazy/behind the leg at home and as a result he sometimes drops a little behind the bridle, but he’s a very uncomplicated ride and the extent of the drama with him consists of a head toss or two during the first canter of the day. His gaits are frequently praised by dressage judges and he jumps calmly and well. He’s a little more “up” at shows than at home, as one would expect from an OTTB, so I personally choose a quiet corner of the warmup arena at shows, but he’s starting to get pretty blase about it all, as he’s pretty sure he knows the routine.
He’s the kind of horse you can leave while you set jumps in the arena. He’ll follow you around for a bit and when you take ages, he’ll happily rest a hind leg and take a nap until you’re ready to ride again. He’s inquisitive and sweet, and really wants to be your friend, but is respectful of your space, even if he thinks your rules are silly. He’s brave, honest, fun to be around, and incredibly amusing.

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Fun, smart, athletic
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Broussard, LA

  • March 19, 2023 11:41 pm