Two Genuine leather saddles, custom made in Mexico & Accessories for sale

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Two Genuine leather saddles, custom made in Mexico & Accessories for sale

1) Genuine Western Leather Saddle w/metal floor saddle stand; gullet AQH & Arab width; 14 – 15.5” seat; custom made in U.S.A. w/ intricate leather carving; dual leather flaps; mount ready w/metal stirrups, leather chest piece, front & back cinch, girth & blanket; color: cognac brown; very good condition, wooden frame makes this saddle almost indestructible; $1,000 + S&H as not included
2) Genuine Leather Western Saddle w/metal floor saddle stand; custom made in Mexico w/intricate leather carvings; gullet AQH/Arab width; 16 – 17.5 seat; fiberglass frame; dual leather flaps; mount ready w/leather covered stirrups, leather girth, cinch, blanket; tall horn for roping; color: reddish brown; like-new condition; has a quilted green/khaki saddle cover; $1,000 + S&H as not included
3) Easy Glove Hoof Boot, size 1.5, set (left front hoof, right front hoof); excellent condition, in original box; had to sell my horse so selling his tack; color: black; $65 + S&H as not included
5) Cavallo Hoof Boots (set (left front, right front) size 4; very good condition, in their original box; color: black; $65 + S&H as not included

6) Accessories, buy all or individually:
a) stock tank submersible de-icer for bucket, brand new in original box from Ice-Chaser; 1500 watts of power; Model: H-419/12.5 Amps; constructed of solid Cast Aluminum for ultimate efficiency, performance & safety
b) Spurs, two brand new sets, size: his & hers
c) Fly Masks, Lycra & Roma, stretch bug eye saver w/ears; size: horse, full; colors: 3 black & one turquoise
d) Lead Ropes, 2 each 20’ unopened, brand new, color: maroon
e) Cashel Crusader Leg Guard Leg Wraps;, brand new, unopened; set of 2; size: horse; color: pink;
f) Leg wrap tape: unopened pack of 6 new rolls

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2-Genuine leather , hand carved saddles, each $1000, mount ready
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Saugerties, NY

  • August 12, 2022 7:37 pm