Handsome WB Seeks Career Change

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Handsome WB Seeks Career Change

Rockafella, 2011 RPSI silver premium gelding, 16.2 hh, bright bay and barefoot, has been in a dressage program for 3 years, but has recently been started over fences. He’s lovin’ it. Seeking a rider with a common goal. (Older, fuddy-duddy owner doesn’t jump!) Video footage is only his fourth school over fences.

Fella is sound (requires no maintenance), an easy keeper and handles well for his AA owner, barn staff, farrier and vet. He trailers and travels well. He has no stable vices and is well behaved around children and dogs. He’s content at pasture or in a stall, and is middle to low in the pecking order in his pasture of geldings.

Friendly and social, quiet in general, but needs a rider with confidence.

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[email protected]
Green (over fences), outgoing (character), safe (temperament)
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Madison County, Alabama

  • March 17, 2020 2:42 pm