Imported Purebred Irish Draught colt- Excellent athletic ability & amazing temperament!

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Imported Purebred Irish Draught colt- Excellent athletic ability & amazing temperament!

Here is an excellent opportunity for you to get an imported purebred Irish Draught colt without the high import costs!

Ballyhaunis Silver Elm (Ronan) is a nearly 4 year old colt who was imported from Ireland as a weanling. Ronan is by well known Irish Draught stallion Fast Silver and out of 3x RDS winner Elm View.

He is a truly wonderful horse. He currently has a striking appearance with bold grey dapples and a bright white face. He has a nice thick chest and substantial legs. Everyone who visits our place comments on him. He’s very kind and has a very good brain, as well as being uber-smart. He’s currently 14.3-15h. . I suspect (but certainly don’t know for sure) that he will continue to grow taller and may reach 16h or so.

He was bred in Ireland by Seamus Sloyan. He has multiple full siblings and his dam is a 3x RDS champion. You can Google images of Elm View- she’s one impressive mare! 😍

Google images of Fast Silver, too. He has sired competitive athletes, including a sport horse that competed (several times) at Rolex Kentucky with eventer Kim Severson.

Ronan has a natural jump, nice movement and wonderful athletic ability. He runs and leaps in his pasture, just for fun. He loves people. Our daughter feeds him and he’s a respectful gentleman. He watches everything that goes on and will greet you when you call his name. We have mares on our farm so he’s been around them, and yes, he likes the girls but has no experience with them 😉. He has not been pastured with any of them, nor has he been collected or allowed to cover any mare.

He was a stallion prospect for us – but one testicle has not descended. We had him evaluated by theriogenologists at OSU and learned that the retained testicle was, at that time, right at the inguinal ring which made us hopeful that it would descend. We followed the hormonal treatments recommended to help but it still hasn’t dropped, unfortunately.

Right now, we are building our farm and need fewer responsibilities. We also have too many horses 😖.

Ronan is ready to have a job. He will be 4 in May. He should eagerly & quickly absorb under saddle training.

There are a couple of ways to deal with the retained testicle. 1) He could get more time to see if he is going to descend- it is theoretically possible that it might still come down 2) surgical removal; or 3) laparoscopic removal.

We’ve been told that recovery for the surgery could take up to 4 weeks of stall rest. But we are hopeful that the testicle remains close to the ring in which case any surgery would be less invasive and less costly. Again, this is a guess but seems reasonable considering where it was last known to be.

If interested in Ronan, consider checking with your vet.

We are reasonably flexible on pricing given the retained testicle. That said, he is not free. He is a really nice, sporty horse that is very well bred. He’ll be a great horse for someone. If you’d like to see more photos and a video of Ronan please visit our Facebook page – Green Diamond Irish Draughts.

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Athletic Purebred Irish colt imported from Ireland as weanling

  • April 1, 2023 8:15 pm