Incredibly athletic prospect with work ethic to go with it

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Incredibly athletic prospect with work ethic to go with it

Jack (Jockey Club: He’s Out of Queens) is a 4, coming 5 year old, off the track Thoroughbred Gelding. After 13 starts and no wins he was retired sound with no injuries in August 2018. He was put out to pasture to allow him to mature mentally and physically before being asked to return to work. He has been fully let down and restarted WTC and over fences. He has been schooled up to 3’6″ under saddle and over 4′ free jumping, with plenty of scope to spare! he demonstrates a very impressive trot over poles that truly shows off his flash and talent. Over fences hes an eager jumper that will never tell you no, just point him to where you want to go and its always a “yes ma’am” response. He has an exaggerated hind end over fences that makes sure it’ll never catch a rail! Even though he is under 16H he is the perfect sports car and power house of a horse that is incredibly athletic and wants to have a job and be challenged. He is often described by people as “impressive” and I have been told numerous time that he has a big impression in the ring. Hes a forward thinking horse with quick feet so he would do best with an experienced and confident rider who can help him develop his half halt. He would do best in a regular training program or plenty of turn out or an ambitious rider that wants to climb the levels. He has no buck/spook/rear bolt or any vices though he does like to play on the lunge line on occasion. He has a lovely fluid trot that will be sure to get you noticed in any ring and I could see him doing well in all disciplines including barrel racing. He is barefoot all around and has excellent feet that never get chipped up or look worn even when hes due for a trim. He is a complete goof ball of a personality, hes always looking for attention from anyone passing his stall, he likes to try and drag anything within reaching distance into his stall to play with. He loves having other horses around though he is confident when alone and doesn’t mind leaving the heard to go work. He is priced to sell at $2750 and seriously is one that I would strongly recommend that the motivated rider take a chance on, I strongly believe that he could be the next “Teddy” in the event world or McClain Ward’s “Catoki” in the jumper world!

Located in Ohio- reasonable shipping available
** Jack is listed for sale only, please no leases, trades, or trials. PPE are always welcome at Buyers Expense**

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  • January 29, 2020 9:41 am