Looking for a new SPECIAL Crew Member.

Looking for a new SPECIAL Crew Member.

Law Eventing is looking for a new working pupil to start within the next two months.

Work 6 days a week
Minimal mucking

Spend roughly 4 hours a day on a back of a horse.
Roughly one hour a day on your horse usually getting individual attention.

Always have the ability to attend competitions that will be best for your horse.
Our student’s goals / horses’ needs / do not play second fiddle to ours.

Includes living stipend amount dependent on what you bring to the table experience and riding ability wise.

Daily stipend at shows if you are not riding.

Last year our ladies also made about 500-600 cash in show bonus and holiday bonus

Very good opportunity for someone hungry to ride and event.

Training board is averaging about $3,000 a month these days.

Getting to sit on horses of this calibre is priceless.

WEC 5 min down the road can allow one to make 100 or more a night in braiding if one is so motivated.

If you are highly motivated, have a good horse that can be created into something special and need hours in the tack this is not an opportunity you will find many other places.

Most people have to get on the U25 or Development list before they can ride with Leslie lol. To have two people take this much interest in you and your horse is not something you will probably find many other places.

That said, if you do not have a horse, have no ambition to ride or own your own horse.. but are looking for a healthy environment to groom… speak to me as well.

Please text or call Lesley for more details.

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ocala florida

  • June 20, 2022 1:52 pm