Pony Danza- Talent and looks in a small package

Pony Danza- Talent and looks in a small package

Offering Pony Danza(PD), a 14.2 hh registered welsh cob gelding. PD is a talented, multi-disciplined pony, with gaits comparable to a horse.

PD is a 2010 son of North Forks Brenin Cardi (Grand prix welsh cob dressage stallion).

PD was initially purchased as a dressage mount, achieving 70s in training with a high score of 82.5% on an entry level test(BN/N). High 60s at first, and 60s at second level.

With all the dressage buttons PD has currently has installed, a focused training program could easily develop him to third level in the near future.

As of recent, PD’s dressage career was paused while his current AA rider redirected to focus on the excitement of eventing. PD’s exceptional dressage background has made him a natural contender in the eventing circuit. Thus, with a confident rider, one can easily look forward to finishing on a dressage score.

PD has galloped comfortably around an “Entry” level course (2.9), zeroing in on and eating up the cross country fences easily. With PD’s huge stride, he’s had zero issues making his XC times so far, and certainly has more in the tank for a larger pace.

PD schools at home with big horses managing horse striding and combinations without issue. He is also super “adjustable” and will happily condense to pony strides.
One of PD’s achievements happened during a jumping clinic with a Canadian olympian . While jumping for WIDTH , PD confidently jumped 16′! (video available upon request)

Outside of eventing, PD has also dabbled in the jumper ring. PD saw fall 2020 as an opportunity to further display his scope and talent while jumping around 3′ courses. PD jumped around with confidence and easily navigated the combinations.

PD’s auto changes are solid, which he completes with ease on course.

PD’s diversity is not limited to his AA rider. While “mom” has gone on vacation, PD has happily been piloted by smaller juniors and pony clubbers to keep him busy. PD loves to have a job and melts for attention, he is a comical loving guy who will not only fit into your barn, but your heart as well.

PD is up to date on his shots, is seen by his farrier every 6-8 weeks, he clips, bathes, loads and trailers well.

Due to COVID he has had some down time this year, recent dressage videos are not available. However many videos from all disciplines, over the last couple years can be shared upon request.

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  • November 16, 2020 10:42 pm