Purebred Irish Draught Gelding yearling

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Purebred Irish Draught Gelding yearling

Available for your consideration- purebred Irish Draught gelding Greendiamonds Silver Frost (Silver Granite x Windfrost), DOB 5/24/22.

Silver’s dam, Frosty, is one of two mares in the US by Baltydaniel Breeze (BDB), who currently stands at the Icarus Park Stud in Australia. BDB has a proven performance history in dressage and as a jumper.

Born on Day 320 of Frosty’s gestation, Silver was the first of our four babies in 2022. He was also the smallest. He’s since become a chunky monkey and was recently weighed at 750 lbs. In contrast, his dam has lighter bone and is a bit more modern or sporty in type. Silver’s build is more traditional and he should become a substantial horse with a lot of bone as he greatly favors his sire, RDS champion, Silver Granite, who had a traditional and substantial Irish Draught build.

Silver Granite offspring make wonderful riding horses, competitors and companions. He is a popular, “old school” type of stallion. While Silver’s dam, Frosty does not yet have a performance record (she’s only age 5- he is her first foal), she has recently started under saddle training and will explore an eventing career. Frosty has lovely, smooth gaits and should be a pleasure to ride. The cross of Silver Granite with Baltydaniel Breeze should lead Silver to become a great riding horse for anyone at any level. Like his sire, dam and dam sire, Silver shows a smooth, floaty, consistent trot and a beautiful canter. With time, maturity and training, Silver is only going to get better.

While Silver is gelded, he is nonetheless genetically diverse as this is a factor we consider when selecting a stallion for our purebred mares.

Silver is a sweet, kind and sensitive soul. A recent visitor accurately likened him to a giant puppy. He is fully vaccinated and wormed. He has recent x-rays, for those who may be interested. He is still a baby so he is working on learning many new things. He leads and is comfortable loading onto a trailer with ramps; he takes shots and wormer with typical Irish stoicism.

Silver has been microchipped and his name is pending registration with IDHSNA. He will come with a lifetime registration with the USEF and the IDHSNA.

Flexible payment options are available.

If needed, we offer the ability to board Silver with us at a reasonable rate until he is ready to go to training or some other time that works for you.

For more photos and videos of Silver, his sire and his dam, please visit the Green Diamonds Irish Draughts Facebook page.

Images of BDB are courtesy of Icarus Park Stud.
Image of SG is courtesy of Sporthorse Data.

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