RHS Obora’s Goldwing

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RHS Obora’s Goldwing

🎉New Horse Available🎉
RHS Obora’s Goldwing

Gemini x Sir Shutterfly

2015 Bay Gelding, 16.0 hh

Current radiographs available.

This is a gentleman of a horse. He is ready to go in any direction and win.

Extremely easy to do in every way. Whether on the ground, under saddle, or heading to a fence.
He is the perfect mix of a heart of a lion and carefulness.

XC video is from his second time cross country, and first time with ditches, banks, and skinnies!
He is an absolute pleasure to ride, and would be anyone’s dream horse to produce.

He holds zero tension in his body, and is incredibly rideable for his age. He has a tremendous stride that easily covers the distances. Not spooky, and can hack out anywhere. Goes in a snaffle.
He truly is the all around package of heart, temperament, and talent that everyone is looking for.

Easily jumps around a 3’6 course with room to spare. Though he has not competed yet due to Covid, it will not take this one long to move up the levels.

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Top Class Gentleman
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Additional Video
Ada County, Idaho

  • July 2, 2020 3:05 pm