Seasoned event horse for sale!

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Seasoned event horse for sale!

Want to see the world behind these ears? There isn’t anything better than getting on this horse and seeing his adorable white tipped ears. His show name and barn name say it all – My Kinda Party, barn name is Windsor. Sophisticated guy that also loves his job and enjoys having fun as much as we do! Just under 17h this 16 year old geldings papers say he is an appy/QH cross, but his body type and way of going remind me much more of a TB. This adorable, sweet and willing guy is looking for his next person to show the ropes of eventing. These seasoned pros are hard to find so this is a super opportunity for someone looking on a budget. Our top priority is to find a perfect next partner and a 5* home, as he is absolutely adored by his current owner and a favorite in the barn. Although he has run the prelim/2* level in the past we think he is ready to take a step down and will be happier staying at the modified level and below. He has taken his current young rider from starter to modified and she has learned everything from him. She also got to have the fun of competing him for the University of Louisville intercollegiate team! He has developed her into a confident and sophisticated rider and will do that for his next person. While he is certainly capable of still doing a preliminary but we don’t ultimately think it is in his best interest so made the tough decision to look for his next person. He is always looking for the jumps and will take you down to them excitedly so looking for someone who isn’t intimidated by that. He always ads up when needed, jumps in beautiful form and 💯 knows his job and executes it. Some maintenance required. Asking low 5s – call, text or PM for more info! Lauren Ferguson – 502.744.3374

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Windsor WEC 1.10 jumpers

Windsor Cross Country compilation

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Fun, sweet, willing
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LaGrange, KY

  • June 16, 2022 6:31 pm