Seattle Freckles 2008 16.1hh thoroughbred

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Seattle Freckles 2008 16.1hh thoroughbred

Flashy training /novice level packer. Would be suitable for a young rider or AA looking to have fun eventing and out on the trail. Would also excel in a dressage home.
Freckles is an all around great guy, with an amazing brain. You can’t help but love being around his goofy personality. He has worked on ranches, pushed cattle, and places first after dressage. He travels easy, and shows up to big events just as quiet as he is at home. Good home is a must!

Career highlights:
1st training rider Copper Meadows 4/17
1st training rider Galway Downs 11/17
6th training three-day Rebecca Farm 2018
4th training rider AECs 2018
3rd preliminary area 9 championships 2018

Contact Information
3076903177 [email protected]
2008 16.1hh thoroughbred
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Salt Lake County, Utah

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