Sport Horse Program Intern

Sport Horse Program Intern

Sport Horse Program Intern (Ocala, FL)

This internship will focus on studies related to sport horse nutrition and exercise physiology. The ideal applicant would have an undergraduate degree in animal science or a related science and have experience in three-day event riding through at least training level. Demonstrated riding proficiency is required.

Duties of this internship include:

-Provide routine health care and management of horses. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, cleaning stalls, ration preparation and feeding, and conditioning horses on the treadmill, automatic walker and under saddle. Physical labor and farm labor are integral duties of the internship program.
-Participate in the performance of standardized exercise tests on a high-speed treadmill and collection of data during exercise studies.
-Organize and monitor field studies related to training and nutrition.

This is a 6-day per week position. Housing and a living stipend are provided. The position will begin in October 2020.

Expressions of interest including a resume should be directed to:

Dr. Joe D. Pagan
Kentucky Equine Research
[email protected]

More information:

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[email protected]
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Marion County, Florida

  • August 25, 2020 10:09 am