Tall, Gray, and Handsome

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Tall, Gray, and Handsome

Who needs a knight in shining armor in their lives?!

This absolute gem of a horse is kind, cuddly, generous, forgiving, and thrilled to see his rider every day! So much fun on the flat and over fences with an easy canter, light mouth, and awesome flying changes… So fancy!

Competed all season successfully at BN, well schooled at novice. Ideal for an adult amateur or young rider, whether your ambition is to move up the levels or to go starter forever… Let this one be your Prince Charming!

Extremely well loved by current barn. Cross country machine, fun in all phases, so much fun! Well schooled in lots of environments, completed the chaos of RRP with complete class and ease.

An absolutely special horse who wants to be someone’s horse of a lifetime.

Contact Information
[email protected]
Amateur Unicorn
Verona kentucky

  • November 20, 2022 2:18 pm