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The Best Boy Around—AA DREAM EVENTER!

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The Best Boy Around—AA DREAM EVENTER!

JC and Show Name: Tiraboschi
Barn Name: Baci
Height: 16.2hh but sure nice short back and long neck! (I call him the 🦒)
Color: Bay
Breed: OTTB
Age: 2015 Baby so 9 years old this year!

His owner bought him about 4 years ago from a professional in Virginia.

He was competing Novice with said professional! They were actually going to move him up to Training Level right before she bought him.

She has some physical issues so just wanted a horse she could enjoy and ride safely- she wasn’t planning on competing.

Long story short she ended up in my barn and she started competing! (Beginner Novice and Novice)

She wasn’t planning on selling him so mostly took advantage of the series they have out at the Carolina Horse Park called the “War Horse Series”! These aren’t “recognized” but they are certainly recognized status courses and judging!

Which unfortunately made it so his record on USEA is not impressive, because it only shows four shows over the last three years! But he’s done more- I have a video showing his results from those shows!
(I’m happy to send video if you reach out to me!)

In the last three years he has competed with his AA owner Beginner Novice and Novice. We did move him up to Training Level (with me riding) last fall 2023! He did two training level HT and was fabulous! Placed 1st and 4th!

The owner made the tough decision to sell him because her physical limitations are getting harder to ride… thinks it time and wants him to go have fun with someone else.

This horse is such a good boy! If you are looking for a horse you can enjoy, feel safe, get some good Dressage scores, jump ALL the things! (I’ve never seen this horse stop at anything) He’s super honest to and from the fences. Great XC- fine with all the questions!

No vices.
No health issues.

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Southern Pines, NC

  • November 24, 2023 9:39 am