Top Class Event Horse - MBF Zenith Good Lux

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Top Class Event Horse - MBF Zenith Good Lux

Lux is *THE HORSE* you want to event. The judges love him on the flat and his trainability means his scores continue to get lower at each horse show. He’s careful to leave the rails up, and so brave cross country you have no doubt the two of you are crossing the finish flags.
Lux is currently competing at Training level but is 100% ready to be going Modified and could very easily step around a 1* this fall. He is also qualified for the 5 yo YEH Championships on a score of 84.95!
This horse is a serious competitior but is also so reliable and consistent, having him in the training program is a pleasure. He’s straightforward in his trainability and shows up to work daily. If you like a horse that gives you wings and the feeling that he /will/ take you around that course, Lux is the one.
My favorite thing about this horse is his combination of bravery, carefulness, and scope gives you the top class feeling. There’s few things more you could want out of a top level eventer. AND he’s a pleasure in every way!

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  • September 23, 2023 6:03 am