Unicorn Alert! Quiet, brave, easy, fun!

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Unicorn Alert! Quiet, brave, easy, fun!

Poker Face is a 2017, 15.2 hands chestnut thoroughbred cross gelding with three rhythmic, correct gaits that are easy to sit. “Pie” is well started on the flat and over fences and is an uncomplicated, fun horse to ride. He is fairly simple to keep in the frame, is a quiet type without being dull or hard to keep in front of the leg, and tries very hard to please the rider. He is dead honest and brave to jump, does not look or spook at the fences, and already has the “packer” mentality even at his young age. “Pie” has plenty of scope to be safe for low level eventing but does not over jump and unseat the rider. He is very tolerant of mistakes and does not get anxious or reactive. “Pie” willingly goes into water, up and down banks, and over small ditches. He has been trail ridden extensively alone and in groups and is relaxed and confident out and about. He has participated in several hunter paces with amateur riders, been out puppy walking with a local fox hunting club, and has competed in multiple schooling shows where he ribboned every time, including Stable View Eventing Academy where he placed third in his division, and most recently Jumping Branch Horse Trials where he finished on his dressage score in third place in his open starter division. He hacks around the property bareback with a halter. “Pie” is a sweet, sweet boy in the barn, loves to be groomed, is great about clipping and blanketing, is the first one to greet you at the gate, and has excellent ground manners. He turns out well with other horses and is low man in the field. He travels well, loads easily, stands quietly tied to or in the trailer, and is generally just an agreeable, easy horse to be around. “Pie” has a stout build with plenty of bone and great feet and would be well suited for an amateur or junior looking for a safe, fun horse to compete. He would also cross train in hunters and/or fox hunting easily. This horse is the “unicorn” every trainer wants to find for their amateur students! Price will go up once he starts competing in USEA events this winter. Located just outside Aiken County, South Carolina.

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Quiet, easy, fun
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1021 R&B Ave, Barnwell SC 29812

  • December 2, 2021 8:39 pm