Upper Level Horse, Looking for Step-Down.

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Upper Level Horse, Looking for Step-Down.

DGE Themanintheglass

2007 15.2 hand chunk. Riley has been my partner since his 6-year-old year, and has competed for many, many years at the upper levels. He proved to be one of the most fantastic jumping horses, and tremendously helped cultivate and refine my skills at the upper levels. He is incredibly well-trained, although does have a Napoleon complex where he believes we are all peasants living in his world. If not in a consistent program, he can spook.. although he is quite good about knowing “who” is on his back. For example, when I teach beginner/intermediate lessons on him he barely canters, and then when a more advanced rider gets on him he can throw a random lead change in if you aren’t riding the counter-canter correctly.

He is sold 3rd-level dressage with changes, although they are not “show-ready” right now.

With his experience, comes wear and tear on his body. He has had joint injections, has kissing spine which hasn’t been an issue with correct riding and maintenance and has rehabbed a suspensory this year. All veterinary history is happy to be disclosed and discussed.

I’m looking for the “next step” in Riley’s step down from the UL. He is currently being used in lessons but prefers having one rider. I would like to find him a home where he can compete at the training level and below, and flourish as a professor. I imagine he would be a phenomenal horse for a strong D3/C level rider to learn from.

If he sticks around, I’ll be using him for my bronze medal scores. I have no problem keeping him, but I acknowledge that his skills would be valued elsewhere while I work with the next generation of horses.

Lots of videos are available, price is reflective of wanting a perfect home and knowing his veterinary history. 20k, available at Sykesville, MD.

Videos of competing:
Dressage youtu.be/tvHnIxq8ZfM
Jumping youtu.be/aEZ_J7RnSSw

And I do have videos of him with more beginner students as well, but they are on my phone and I’m not tech-savvy enough to figure out how to upload them here.

Contact Information
Courtney Sendak 4436107221
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Sykesville, MD

  • November 17, 2022 9:00 am